The Sower Sows

The sower sows.  One of my favorite parables in the Bible is the sower. In this we find many different kinds of soil. The same is true in life. There are many ways to sow. It doesn’t always have to be money. Today sow a smile with someone. Maybe share a random act of kindness. We have seen this in our area where we live. These random acts, have been small and big. From buying a meal, gas, and paying off multiple lay away’s at Christmas. What blessing that is to receive such a gift. I know in the parable, Jesus is talking about sowing God’s word in our hearts. What if we as Christians could take this to a whole new level? By simply doing this daily sharing these kinds of random acts of kindness in a hurting world. Could we make an impact for Christ?  Could we be a blessing to that person that opens the door for Jesus in their life? I believe that when we truly learn to walk in love like Jesus did, then we will see changes in the world like never seen before. We live in a time full of selfish greed. Many people and companies are out for their own best interest. We have always had selfish people, but now we see many companies that are doing this too. We know that we are in the end times. The signs are all around us. It is time to dig into God’s word and what we are called to do. We are all called for a purpose, at least the ones that truly believe that Jesus died for us. So my challenge to you is to be a sower, that sows the love of Jesus into the world. It may very well be the only time they will see Jesus!

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I am a Christian that believes everything we do and say must be measured by God's word. I also enjoy network marketing, because of the freedom it can create for families. It is with great joy that I share Christ with everyone.

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