The Rescue Plan

What is the rescue plan?  The rescue plan was made know many years ago and is available to us today!  It is found in the book of 2 Chronicles 7:14.  ” If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  Who are those who are called by His name?  Every single believer of Christ Jesus.  Yes this was written to the children of Israel, but it is also for us as Christians.  We are called by the name of His son Jesus.  That means what was promised by God is still available to us today.  We can also find what Paul wrote in the book of Romans.  In Romans 13: 1-3, Paul tells us to pray for those in authority.  We must pray for our leaders and our government.  This will get us on track to His plan for our lives and our government.  When we learn to seek His face in all areas of life, that is when He will be first place in our lives.  I know I had a hard time with this for many years.  I only gave Him bits and pieces of my life and not my whole life.  Now I have have given Him my whole life.  This includes my family, job/career, business, and everything else.  I even look for Him to help me to know how I should vote.  I have learned to look for who do not go against His word.  This takes prayer and knowing His word.  Ask Him for wisdom and understanding in how you should vote and live for Him!

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About Jon DeRidder
I am a Christian that believes everything we do and say must be measured by God's word. I also enjoy network marketing, because of the freedom it can create for families. It is with great joy that I share Christ with everyone.


  1. Chad Martin says:

    I love your honesty. As a father of four myself i know how hard it is to understand how to live with a whole heart for the Lord. It tough! I really like wording in your blogs, its easy to read and the incite is supreme! I really had a hard time with giving my worship to God…all of it. Not the Idea that I was worshiping other things, but that I had this Idea that worship was only song and verse, and not my entire life. But when I locked on to how to worship God through serving my family and loving them as Jesus loved, my worship was all His!! Be blessed and if you ever wanna read about my heart, my passion or just see what God is doing in the lives of other believers and people check out my blog, I can always use a Conservative christian point of view in my life!. But great writing keep it up!
    Chad Martin

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