No Fiscal Cliff For Me

No Fiscal Cliff for me!  I don’t know about you, but I chose to follow Jesus.  In Mark 11:22 “So Jesus answered and said to them, Have faith in God.”  It says that we can move mountains with faith. We can have what we say, but it takes faith to make it come about. You need to believe in it so much that nothing else moves you. You stay the course until you see the results that you are believing for. This not always easy, but it is the only way that it will work. That means that many of us need to get out our Bibles and dust them off. Them learn what God has promised to us. It is more than just life after death. We are suppose  to live in victory here on the earth. In the coming New Year 2013. It is my goal to be in my Bible more than ever and helping others too!  We must continue to pray for our leaders and ask God to give them wisdom. That is why I can say “No Fiscal Cliff for me and my family!”

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About Jon DeRidder
I am a Christian that believes everything we do and say must be measured by God's word. I also enjoy network marketing, because of the freedom it can create for families. It is with great joy that I share Christ with everyone.

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