Doing it Right This Time Around

Doing it right this time around. I can say that I finally learned my lesson. I have always checked out a company before joining, but not my upline. I always knew my sponsor. It was a friend or someone who became a friend. I had a relationship with them and I trusted them. So this time out I did something totally different. I was doing some research for a friend on Youngevity. I got to digging. I found that Steve Schulz was doing their trainings. I knew Steve from my days with Excel Communications. I also have seen a lot of reports on Youngevity in the past from Troy Dooly. I had seen a report about Tom and Denice Chenault being Youngevity’s first Dream Car Bonus winners. I went to Tom’s site to learn all I could. I was amazed at all the information. I passed on all that I learned to my friend. I told him to look at couple of places like which is Troy Dooly’s site. What I did when I was on Tom’s site, I filled out the contact form. Guess what happened? You got it, Tom called me. I missed the called, but Tom left a great message. It got me to go through the business presentation video with Steve Schulz again. This time I got it.  so what do I mean by doing it right this time around? I was going to join under someone who had fruit on the tree, you know results! I went back to Tom’s site and signed up. I wanted to lock in my position. Then I ordered my Pharmacy savings cards. This is a great way to help other save money with no cost to them. Needless to say I have been handing out these cards to every will take them. This week it got even better. Tom placed me under John Fogg. John is the author of “The Greatest Networker in the World” and “The Greatest Networkers in the World”. If you haven’t read these, you should. I am so looking forward to working with both John and Tom, I get to work with two legends of the network marketing profession. I will share more as my journey goes forward.

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I am a Christian that believes everything we do and say must be measured by God's word. I also enjoy network marketing, because of the freedom it can create for families. It is with great joy that I share Christ with everyone.

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